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We are a about mobile. Design, business, development and success.

“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born”

– Alan Kay

It all started in 2007. Tamir (our ceo), a seasoned designer at one of the top ad firms in Israel – discovered the opportunity creating in the then virgin mobile landscape and started what was then a small side business creating apps for big corporations (no lots of competition at the time made it possible to get that kind of work for little effort). Over the years, the app business grew and took part in creating some of the most well-known and successful apps worldwide. As part of the many projects he got to be involved in, he met with David and Elad – two successful young entrepreneurs. The crew immediately clicked combining his expertise and experience with their marketing, aesthetic and networking skills – they created Starbyt. Today they share their vast knowledge and network planning and creating beautiful mobile apps for startups and corporates alike.

Starbyt is first and foremost – a product oriented company. They believe that creating a truly great product can save serious time, money and effort trying to push it to end users.

Each and every project at Starbyt is assigned with a product oriented project manager and a
dedicated team of developers and designers. That way clients can feel just like these are their own employees – while receiving a well rounded service experience including clear timeline milestones and a deep attention to details. Nothing speaks more highly than successful projects – and Starbyt’s portfolio is filled with them.


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