Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should be in my product?

Only what’s absolutely needed. People eventually have a place for only a handful of multi featured platforms in their lives (like Facebook, for example). Most other successful apps usually focus on one “killer” feature and use the rest of the product to enhance or complement that specific feature (Instagram, Snapchat, You bring users with one unique value point, and then expand on that.

How do I know you’re the best choice?

Talk to us. Leave us a message and we’ll see. We always say that good communication is the foundation of all great projects and businesses. We can advise and help you move forward with your idea or project. And if we’re not the right people for the job or we think you still got a lot of work to do, we’ll tell you that too. Promise.

How much will it cost me?

We usually engage projects starting at $10,000 and up to $250,000. Building a great product takes careful thinking, planning and execution. You’ll want to invest in this process because eventually a shitty product is not gonna go very far with helping you reach your business goals.

Already Got a budget in mind and want to know what it can get you? Just ask us!

How do I know if I should develop an app or a website?

In 2017, about 80% of all random users interact with brands using their mobile devices. It can either be a responsive website or an app. It all depends on your business goals. Website are often cheaper and can be created rather fast. Mobile apps can utilizes the native features in your users devices like location, contacts and push notification. This way you can gather much powerful information on your users that will help guide future business decisions.

My budget is enough for only one platform, should it be Android or iOS?

Well, it really comes down to the product you have in mind. Generally for costumer facing apps (B2C) like social networks, marketplaces, communication, m-commerce, chat or interactive gaming, it’s always better to go live with at least 2 platforms in order not to miss out on some serious market potential as well as very important feedback for the MVP version. Recent developments like the react-native framework can eliminate this question altogether as it allows to develop for Android and iOS, even with a limited budget.

Do you guys do marketing?

As a product oriented company we strategize, advise, plan, design, develop and deliver. We even help you with your business plan or investor presentation, introduce you to several investors (if we think you got the goods). We do app-store and search engine optimization. Our network is immense and we can get to almost any company you’d like. Try us.

Do you guys help me scope the product and decide what should be in it?

Actually, That’s our favorite thing to do! We brainstorm together with you, answer any questions you might have and implement the best practices and methodologies. It’s important for us to understand the exact business potential and goals, and to map out the most clever result-oriented plan for your product. We also believe it’s important to have more than one point of view and to constantly re-examine and re-iterate with our ideas and plans.

There are so many apps out there, isn’t just a waste of time and money to develop another one?

We live in a constantly changing, digital world. Every day new ventures & products are being launched. More than ever, people are always looking for the latest in disruptive and revolutionary technologies and products, companies keep raising money, create revenue and even get sold. it’s all a part of the game. If entrepreneurship is in your blood, you already know the answer.

What about hybrid apps?

Starbyt works with the latest word in cross-platform development. We use the react-native Facebook owned platform to develop for Android and iOS at the same time. React Native apps are absolutely indistinguishable from Native apps to the common user, allow live and instant app updates within seconds and can save significant time and money for our clients. We always recommend using this platform for our more budget oriented clients and our early stage entrepreneurs.

How long does it take to develop an app?

It depends. Ideation, planning & design usually takes 1 month and development around 3-4 months until we get to a full beta version. If we go through a full process from idea stage to full development it can take anywhere between 3-6 months. If you have a very clear understanding and vision of the product you want to develop, we can maybe squeeze it into 2-4 months.

Are you on a really tight schedule? Ask about our “React express” package.