We’ve built products used and loved by more than 700 million people

By Understanding how users really engage products, opposed to how we “think” they do

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Product strategy

Much more than a user centered process, We aim to turn your great idea into reality in the best & most viable way. We evaluate the main KPI’s, market challenges and business model, mapping out the product plan that will create the biggest value for your users, as well as your company.

Impeccable Design

Our design team is apt at creating impressive products, pushing the limits of mobile capability. We take the full user process in mind, caring for all possible touchpoint and interactions. This entire process is accompanied by a full live demo of the design - keeping the client always in the loop.

Product Development

Carefully creating a development time-table and choosing the right technologies, During the development phase we regularly issue versions of the product – so our client can review and assess our process. Whether you’re going all in on an app, or looking to test the market with a minimal version – you’re in the right place

Vision, Reliability, Communication

We create unique products that build better businesses, grow emerging brands and sometimes even make people’s lives better

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From experimental technologies to enterprise systems we deliver great solutions through rapid iteration, personal touch and a focus on human-centered design

    • Strategy & Planning
    • Market research 
    • Idea validation 
    • Road-map 
    • Branding 
    • Usability tests 
    • User Experience & Design
    • Product mapping 
    • Visual design concept 
    • Wireframing 
    • Personalisation tactics 
    • User flow 
    • Software Development
    • iOS & Android native apps 
    • Hybrid Mobile applications 
    • Full-stack web applications 
    • Server-side (backend) 
    • WatchOS, TvOS, Android Wear 

Featured Clients

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The react native revolution

With 8 years of experience building amazing mobile apps, at Starbyt we use Facebook’s own react-native framework – the future of apps. With that we have completely revolutionize our development life cycle. It allows us to ship product much faster, and escalate issues promptly. Our clients love how roll out of new features is unified across platforms. With react we figured out how to develop an ubiquitous user centered apps and we also want to make our products more attractive the lower end clients because they are the future of apps.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!

We go for “WOW”.

Our head designer and founder Tom, has been planning and creating top-charting products for 15 years now. He has some immensely important lessons. Stuff like:


* Design starts in your mind and ends in your pocket

* Understanding your client unspoken needs is key

* Keep it as simple as possible. Learn your audience. Get feedback. Build from there

* Always question and re-evaluate what you’re doing


We apply hard learned lessons to make your product stand out and win.


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